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“Unite and Bind Together the Hearts” Mandala Artwork by Lindsay Montgomery, Newark, Ohio | Song: Unite by Ali Youssefi

Official Baha’i Websites The Baha’i Faith – The Website of the Worldwide Baha’i Community Official Website of the Baha’is of the Continental U.S. (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico have their own independent National Spiritual Assemblies.)

Baha’is of the Midwest Region (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)

Bahá’í International Community Office at the United Nations Website provides news and information about the activities of the Bahá’í International Community Office at the United Nations, a history of Bahá’í involvement with the UN, access to BIC statements, reports, and other publications.

Office of Public Affairs

The Universal House of Justice Website provides information about the history and purpose of the Supreme Body plus selected messages.

Baha’i Reference Library the Baha’i sacred writings online

Official Baha’i Statements on Global Issues

Baha’i Statements on Global Issues: Racial Justice, Peace, Prosperity of Humankind, Social and Economic Development, To the World’s Religious Leaders, Equality, One Common Faith, Nature, Baha’u’llah’s life and work, World Citizenship, Baha’i Statement Against Racism, Economy etc.

Other Baha’i Websites of Interest

Baha’i Online Study Courses Baha’i Chronicles (free courses) | Wilmette Institute

Baha’i Blogs: Baha’i Blog,, Personal Reflections, Baha’i Chair for World Peace Blog, Cloud Nine, Moments of Meaning, Baha’i Tributes, Joyful Education

Baha’i Podcasts, Chats and Radio: A Baha’i Perspective, Baha’i Blogcast, America’s Most Challenging Issue, Bahai.Chat, Elevated Converstions, MyStar95, Radio Baha’i

Baha’i Academia: Refuge Research Collaborative, The Ruhi Institute, Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, Baha’i Chair for World Peace, Wilmette Institute, Association of Baha’i Studies, William S. Hatcher Library

Baha’i News & Online Publications: Brilliant Star Magazine, Baha’i World, Baha’i World News Service, U.S. Baha’i News, One Country online magazine

Baha’i Publishing the premier source for Trade Books about the Baha’i Faith

Baha’i Education Resources Resources by Linden Qualls of Yellow Springs, Ohio, The Refuge Research Initiative in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Baha’i Conference Talks 1980 – 1994  Bill & Marguerite Sears,

Global Singing of Baha’i Writings

Baha’i Service for the Blind