Froggie went a courtin’ at the Baha’i Center pond.

This is an internal calendar for the Yellow Springs Baha’i Community. 
See Yellow Springs Events Calendar & Programs for all programs open to the public.

December 2022 (sunrise/sunset)

December 4, Sunday 11:00 Devotional “Tolerating Our Differences” (Keith & Elaine)

December 4, Sunday 3:00 Vitalizing Our Virtues (Brook’s virtue development support group)

December 11, Sunday 7:30 Feast of Masá’il /Questions (Brook)
December 30, Friday 7:30 Feast of Sharaf /Honour

January 2023 (sunrise/sunset) 

February 2023 (sunrise/sunset)

March 2023 (sunrise/sunset)

April 2023 (sunrise/sunset)

May 2023 (sunrise/sunset)

June 2023 (sunrise/sunset)

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50 Year Bahá’í Calendar Dates 172 to 221 B.E.

Photos: Yellow Springs Baha’i Center pond area.