Prayers for Youth

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Samoan Bahá’í House of Worship – Video: Samoan Baha’i Junior Youth Empowerment Program (Minutes 15:18, 19:27, 22:40)

O Lord! Make this youth radiant!

a beautiful rendition from Sri Lanka

Morning Prayer
I have wakened in Thy shelter, O my God, and it becometh him that seeketh that shelter to abide within the Sanctuary of Thy protection and the Stronghold of Thy defense. Illumine my inner being, O my Lord, with the splendors of the Dayspring of Thy Revelation, even as Thou didst illumine my outer being with the morning light of Thy favor. — Baha’u’llah
Morning Prayer /Nabil M.

The Short Obligatory Prayer
(Baha’is 15 and older are to choose from one of 3 Obligatory Prayers. This short one is to be said once daily between Noon and Sunset after performing ablutions (washing of hands and face). To be said facing the Qiblih (the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh, near Akká, in present day Israel).
I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee. I testify, at this moment, to my powerlessness and to Thy might, to my poverty and to Thy wealth. There is none other God but Thee, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting. ~ Bahá’u’lláh   Medium Prayer | Long Obligatory Prayer

Unity & Guidance
O my God! O my God! Unite the hearts of Thy servants, and reveal to them Thy great purpose. May they follow Thy commandments and abide in Thy law. Help them, O God, in their endeavor, and grant them strength to serve Thee. O God! Leave them not to themselves, but guide their steps by the light of Thy knowledge, and cheer their hearts by Thy love. Verily, Thou art their Helper and their Lord. ~ Bahá’u’lláh
Unite the Hearts /JC,Nabil,Karim

Endow with Wings of Detachment and Divine Aid
O Thou kind Lord! Grant that this youth may attain unto that which is the highest aspiration of the holy ones. Endow him with the wings of Thy strengthening grace—wings of detachment and divine aid—that he may soar thereby into the atmosphere of Thy tender mercy, be able to partake of Thy celestial bestowals, may become a sign of divine guidance and a standard of the Concourse on high. Thou art the Potent, the Powerful, the Seeing, the Hearing. – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
He May Soar /brothers Denzil & Ephrim Aumua

Devote Himself to the Service of Thy Cause
O Lord! Make this youth radiant, and confer Thy bounty upon this poor creature. Bestow upon him knowledge, grant him added strength at the break of every morn and guard him within the shelter of Thy protection so that he may be freed from error, may devote himself to the service of Thy Cause, may guide the wayward, lead the hapless, free the captives and awaken the heedless, that all may be blessed with Thy remembrance and praise. Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Bestow Heavenly Confirmation Upon This Daughter of the Kingdom

O Thou kind Lord! Bestow heavenly confirmation upon this daughter of the kingdom, and graciously aid her that she may remain firm and steadfast in Thy Cause and that she may, even as a nightingale of the rose garden of mysteries, warble melodies in the Abhá Kingdom in the most wondrous tones, thereby bringing happiness to everyone. Make her exalted among the daughters of the kingdom and enable her to attain life eternal. Thou art the Bestower, the All-Loving. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Midnight Prayer
O seeker of Truth! If thou desirest that God may open thine eye, thou must supplicate unto God, pray to and commune with Him at midnight, saying:

Lord, I have turned my face unto Thy kingdom of oneness and am immersed in the sea of Thy mercy. O Lord, enlighten my sight by beholding Thy lights in this dark night, and make me happy by the wine of Thy love in this wonderful age. O Lord, make me hear Thy call, and open before my face the doors of Thy heaven, so that I may see the light of Thy glory and become attracted to Thy beauty. Verily, Thou art the Giver, the Generous, the Merciful, the Forgiving. ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

In Times of Difficulties

He who puts his trust in God, God will suffice him. He who fears God, God will send him relief. — Bahá’u’lláh
(Story about this prayer: To be repeated 19 times daily in times of difficulties)

Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding! — The Báb

Say: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God sufficeth. Verily, He is in Himself the Knower, the Sustainer, the Omnipotent. — The Báb

I adjure Thee by Thy might, O my God! Let no harm beset me in times of tests, and in moments of heedlessness guide my steps aright through Thine inspiration. Thou art God, potent art Thou to do what Thou desirest. No one can withstand Thy Will or thwart Thy Purpose. — The Báb

Spiritual Growth

O SON OF SPIRIT! My first counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart… ~ Baha’u’llah

A Calming Meditation
O God, My God, My Beloved, My Heart’s Desire. ~ The Báb
(As a meditation to be repeated over and over again.)
O God, My God /Luke Scott | My Beloved / English, Spanish, Swahili, Chinese, Italian and French

Create in me a pure heart
Create in me a pure heart, O my God, and renew a tranquil conscience within me, O my Hope!  Through the spirit of power confirm Thou me in Thy Cause, O my Best-Beloved, and by the light of Thy glory reveal unto me Thy path, O Thou the Goal of my desire! — Bahá’u’lláh (full text here)

Attire Mine Head with the Crown of Justice
Say: O God, my God! Attire mine head with the crown of justice, and my temple with the ornament of equity. Thou, verily, art the Possessor of all gifts and bounties. — Bahá’u’lláh

Healing Prayer
Thy name is my healing, O my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world and the world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. — Bahá’u’lláh
Healing Prayer /Colby Jeffers

Excerpts from Bahá’i Prayers:


Fill up for me the cup of detachment from all things, and in the assembly of Thy splendors and bestowals, rejoice me with the wine of loving Thee. Free me from the assaults of passion and desire, break off from me the shackles of this nether world, draw me with rapture unto Thy supernal realm, and refresh me amongst the handmaids with the breathings of Thy holiness. — Baha’u’llah

O my Lord! Suffer me to be detached from aught else save Thee, to hold fast to the hem of Thy bounty, to be wholly devoted to Thy Faith, to remain fast and firm in Thy love and to observe what Thou hast prescribed in Thy Book. Verily, Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty, the Omnipotent. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Make Me Grow as a Tender Herb
O my Lord…If it be Thy pleasure, make me to grow as a tender herb in the meadows of Thy grace, that the gentle winds of Thy will may stir me up and bend me into conformity with Thy pleasure, in such wise that my movement and my stillness may be wholly directed by Thee…Thou, verily, art the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. — Bahá’u’lláh

O God! Make me a hollow reed from which the pith of self hath been blown, that I may become a clear channel through which Thy love may flow to others. ~ Source Unknown

O God! Make me ablaze, like unto the fire of Thy love, and make me free from attachment to this mortal world, until I find the peace of soul and the rest of conscience.  —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá   Ablaze by Isis, Sheida, Sama & Navid


Shine ye like unto the sun and roar and move like unto the sea. ~ ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Quicken and Refresh [Me] / Suffer [Me] to Become Heedful, Discerning and Noble
O Peerless Lord! …Nurture this plant through the outpourings of the clouds of Thy tender mercy and quicken and refresh this sapling through the reviving breath of Thy spiritual springtime. Suffer him to become heedful, discerning and noble and grant that he may attain eternal life and abide in Thy Kingdom for evermore. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

The Trees of Our Lives May Bring Forth Fruit
O Thou Lord of wondrous grace! …Grant that from the clouds of Thy mercy may fall copious rain so that the trees of our lives may bring forth fruit and we may attain the most cherished desire of our hearts… —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Make Us Lights of Guidance
O God, our Lord! We sing Thy praise, bear witness to Thy sanctity and implore fervently the heaven of Thy mercy to make us lights of guidance, stars shining above the horizons of eternal glory amongst mankind, and to teach us a knowledge which proceedeth from Thee. Yá Bahá’u’l-Abhá —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

A Heart Illumined with the Light of Thy Love
O Thou the Compassionate God. Bestow upon me a heart which, like unto a glass, may be illumined with the light of Thy love, and confer upon me thoughts which may change this world into a rose garden through the outpourings of heavenly grace. Thou art the Compassionate, the Merciful.  Thou art the Great Beneficent God. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá
The Light of Thy Love /Nabil M.

Make My Heart a Respectable of Thy Love

Praise be to Thee, O Lord my God!  I implore Thee, by Thy Name which none hath befittingly recognized, and whose import no soul hath fathomed; I beseech Thee, by Him Who is the Fountainhead of Thy Revelation and the Dayspring of Thy signs, to make my heart to be a receptacle of Thy love and of remembrance of Thee.  Knit it, then, to Thy most great Ocean, that from it may flow out the living waters of Thy wisdom and the crystal streams of Thy glorification and praise…Thou, verily, art the Most Powerful, the Most High, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. — Bahá’u’lláh (full text here)

Flourishing Trees, Brilliant Stars, Radiant Lamps
O Thou kind Lord! …Grant that we may become flourishing trees laden with fruit in the orchard of knowledge, brilliant stars shining above the horizon of eternal happiness and radiant lamps shedding light upon the assemblage of mankind… Thou art the Bestower, the Bountiful, the All-Loving. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Letter from Abdu’l-Baha:
O Thou Lamp Who Art Enkindled With the Fire of the Love of God!
Verily, I read thy recent letter which showed thy strong love, thy being ablaze with the fire of the love of thy Lord, the Mighty, the Praised, and the penetration of the Spirit of Truth in thy limbs, nerves, veins, arteries, bones, blood and flesh, until it hath taken the reins of power from thy hands and moveth thee as it willeth, causeth thee to speak in what it willeth and attracteth thee as it willeth. This is becoming of whatever heart is replenished with the spirit of the love of God. Thou shalt surely behold wondrous traces and shalt discover the signs of thy Mighty Lord.” – Abdu’l-Baha

The Fire /brothers Denzil & Ephrim Aumua

Aid from the Invisible Kingdom

Help me to triumph by the hosts of Thy glorious kingdom, and shower upon me Thy confirmations, which alone can change a gnat into an eagle, a drop of water into rivers and seas, and an atom into lights and suns? O my Lord! —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

O Lord! Strengthen these fragile seedlings that each one may become a fruitful tree, verdant and flourishing. Render these souls victorious through the potency of Thy celestial hosts, that they may be able to crush the forces of error and ignorance and to unfurl the standard of fellowship and guidance amidst the people; that they may, even as the reviving breaths of the spring, refresh and quicken the trees of human souls and like unto vernal showers make the meads of that region green and fertile. Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful, Thou art the Bestower and the All-Loving. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá   (full text here)

O Lord! Cause this sapling to become verdant, fresh and flourishing by the outpourings of Thy special bounty and favour….

O Lord! Assist him through Thy strengthening grace which proceedeth from Thine invisible Kingdom, aid him with such hosts as are hidden from the eyes of Thy servants and grant that he may have a sure footing in Thy presence. Unloose his tongue to make mention of Thee and gladden his heart to celebrate Thy praise. Illumine his face in Thy Kingdom, prosper him in the realm above and graciously confirm him to serve Thy Cause. Thou art the All-Powerful, the All-Glorious, the Omnipotent. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá (full text here)

Make firm our steps – guard us – nourish us – aid us  

O Lord! Make firm our steps in Thy Faith, guard us within the stronghold of Thy protection, nourish us from Thy heavenly table, enable us to become signs of divine guidance and lamps aglow with upright conduct and aid us through the potency of the angels of Thy kingdom, O Thou Who art the Lord of glory and majesty! Verily Thou art the Bestower, the Merciful, the Compassionate. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Acquire Knowledge in the Sciences & the Arts

O Lord, help Thou Thy loved ones to acquire knowledge and the sciences and arts, and to unravel the secrets that are treasured up in the inmost reality of all created beings. Make them to hear the hidden truths that are written and embedded in the heart of all that is. Make them to be ensigns of guidance amongst all creatures, and piercing rays of the mind shedding forth their light in this, the “first life.”² Make them to be leaders unto Thee, guides unto Thy path, runners urging men on to Thy Kingdom. Thou verily art the Powerful, the Protector, the Potent, the Defender, the Mighty, the Most Generous. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá (full text here)

Promoting Thy Teachings

As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be. ~ ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

And now I give you a commandment that shall be for a covenant between you and me – that ye have faith; that your faith be steadfast as a rock that no earthly storms can move, that nothing can disturb, and that it endure through all things even to the end … As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be. ~ Abdu’l-Baha

Delight My Heart with the Glory of Thy Knowledge

O Lord, brighten Thou my face with the lights of Thy bestowals, light Thou mine eyes with beholding the signs of Thine all-subduing might; delight my heart with the glory of Thy knowledge that encompasseth all things, gladden Thou my soul with Thy soul-reviving tidings of great joy, O Thou King of this world and the Kingdom above, O Thou Lord of dominion and might, that I may spread abroad Thy signs and tokens, and proclaim Thy Cause, and promote Thy teachings, and serve Thy Law and exalt Thy Word. Thou art, verily, the Powerful, the Ever-Giving, the Able, the Omnipotent. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Loving and Tender Hearts

O God, my God! Aid Thou Thy trusted servants to have loving and tender hearts. Help them to spread, amongst all the nations of the earth, the light of guidance that cometh from the Company on high. Verily, Thou art the Strong, the Powerful, the Mighty, the All-Subduing, the Ever-Giving. Verily, Thou art the Generous, the Gentle, the Tender, the Most Bountiful. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Bestow upon us the Breath of the Holy Spirit

O Almighty! Look upon us with the glance of mercifulness. Grant us heavenly confirmation. Bestow upon us the breath of the Holy Spirit, so that we may be assisted in Thy service and, like unto brilliant stars, shine in these regions with the light of Thy guidance. Verily, Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty, the Wise and the Seeing. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

O Son of Man! Magnify My cause that I may reveal unto thee the mysteries of My greatness and shine upon thee with the light of eternity. – Baha’u’llah, The Hidden Words

O Lord! I am single, alone and lowly. For me there is no support save Thee, no helper except Thee and no sustainer beside Thee. Confirm me in Thy service, assist me with the cohorts of Thy angels, make me victorious in the promotion of Thy Word and suffer me to speak out Thy wisdom amongst Thy creatures. Verily, Thou art the helper of the weak and the defender of the little ones, and verily Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty and the Unconstrained. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá (full text)

O Lord, open Thou the door, provide the means, prepare the way, make safe the path, [that we may be guided to those souls, whose hearts are prepared for Thy Cause, and that they may be guided to us. Verily, Thou art the Merciful, the Most Bountiful, the All-Powerful.] ~ (the first part of this prayer is an excerpt from a prayer by ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá. The second part in [ ] is unauthenticated.)

Prayer for the Central States from the Tablets of the Divine Plan by ‘Abdu’l-Baha

Let the spreaders of the fragrances of God recite this prayer every morning:

O Lord, my God! Praise and thanksgiving be unto Thee for Thou hast guided me to the highway of the kingdom, suffered me to walk in this straight and far-stretching path, illumined my eye by beholding the splendors of Thy light, inclined my ear to the melodies of the birds of holiness from the kingdom of mysteries and attracted my heart with Thy love among the righteous.

O Lord! Confirm me with the Holy Spirit, so that I may call in Thy Name amongst the nations and give the glad tidings of the manifestation of Thy kingdom amongst mankind.

O Lord! I am weak, strengthen me with Thy power and potency. My tongue falters, suffer me to utter Thy commemoration and praise. I am lowly, honor me through admitting me into Thy kingdom. I am remote, cause me to approach the threshold of Thy mercifulness. O Lord! Make me a brilliant lamp, a shining star and a blessed tree, adorned with fruit, its branches overshadowing all these regions. Verily, Thou art the Mighty, the Powerful and Unconstrained. —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Nearness to God… Make my heart overflow with love for Thy creatures

O Lord, my God and my Haven in my distress!  My Shield and my Shelter in my woes!  My Asylum and Refuge in time of need and in my loneliness my Companion!  In my anguish my Solace, and in my solitude a loving Friend!  The Remover of the pangs of my sorrows and the Pardoner of my sins!

Wholly unto Thee do I turn, fervently imploring Thee with all my heart, my mind and my tongue, to shield me from all that runs counter to Thy will in this, the cycle of Thy divine unity, and to cleanse me of all defilement that will hinder me from seeking, stainless and unsullied, the shade of the tree of Thy grace.

Have mercy, O Lord, on the feeble, make whole the sick, and quench the burning thirst. Gladden the bosom wherein the fire of Thy love doth smolder, and set it aglow with the flame of Thy celestial love and spirit.  Robe the tabernacles of divine unity with the vesture of holiness, and set upon my head the crown of Thy favor.

Illumine my face with the radiance of the orb of Thy bounty, and graciously aid me in ministering at Thy holy threshold. Make my heart overflow with love for Thy creatures and grant that I may become the sign of Thy mercy, the token of Thy grace, the promoter of concord among Thy loved ones, devoted unto Thee, uttering Thy commemoration and forgetful of self but ever mindful of what is Thine.

O God, my God!  Stay not from me the gentle gales of Thy pardon and grace, and deprive me not of the wellsprings of Thine aid and favor. ‘Neath the shade of Thy protecting wings let me nestle, and cast upon me the glance of Thine all-protecting eye.

Loose my tongue to laud Thy name amidst Thy people, that my voice may be raised in great assemblies and from my lips may stream the flood of Thy praise. Thou art, in all truth, the Gracious, the Glorified, the Mighty, the Omnipotent.  —‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

At All Times, from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha: “At all times do I speak of you and call you to mind. I pray unto the Lord, and with tears I implore Him to rain down all these blessings upon you, and gladden your hearts, and make blissful your souls, and grant you exceeding joy and heavenly delights…” – Abdu’l-Baha