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Alex Faizi Rawhani – Dr. Smile – LexLeo –“AfroPersian” – HIP-HOP ARTIST Johannesburg, South Africa 1.Kancane Kancane 2.BAFUN’ UKWAZI 3.BAFUN’ UKWAZI | Photo from
Treasure with Colby Jeffers, Rap/Hip-Hop artis – each rapper tells about his journey to discovering Baha’u’llah, introduces the various Writings of Baha’u’llah as well as the Names of Baha’u’llah. (Lyrics)
Colby Jeffers & Awu Donson: The Movement | Paradigm | I Believe | Change The World | Need A Doctor Environmental Crisis | Ubuntu | Green, Go Green | If a Can, Can FIFA World Cup 2014 Theme Song / Awu | BahaiBlog
Khalil Fong: “ONE PLANET ONE PEOPLE” TWIOCAMIC | SOULBOY a Hong Kong-based American singer-songwriter and producer – soul-pop, funk R&B, blues Soulboy: An Interview with Khalil Fong by Rainn Wilson
Karim Rushdy: The Power “The power’s in the hands of the youth!” (Lyrics on Brilliant Star link) | When I Breathe | Build Up the Unity (Junior Youth Program) | Base Adjustment Love, Love, Love | Brave Up | That Feeling live w/Nabil & Anise | That’s Hope ft. Paolo Escobar | Surrender album | Reach Out album | Paradox Chapter One album | Wide Awake album | The Vibe album | Don’t Think They Know video | One Heart Ruby Red | True  Happiness / feat Shadi  |  The Fire Tablet video | Watering the Soul Karim reads the Fire Tablet, The Long Healing Prayer & Blessed is the Spot with soothing music
Colby Jeffers: Wizdome  | Elevation | Summoner | Universal Love | Omnipotent | NBA | Drop It “That’s that ego.” | True Friend | What Do We Need to Heal The World? | Don’t Look at Me | Oneness of Religion | Nothing But Love ft. Will & Brian | New World   |   Utmost Desire ft. jeph.ilosopher | Good of All ft. D-Light  |  Springtime ft Diversoul  |Education Is Not A Crime | Oh Yaran | BahaiBlog | Live Together | Joy Gives Us Wings | Sunshine Everywhere | I Want You To Be Happy  | Be Calm, Be Strong, Be Grateful | Gladden Our Hearts | Springtime |  Happy, Happy, Happy
Nabil & Karim: First Council video | Another Day “Yá Bahá’u’l-Abhá” is an invocation to Baha’u’llah meaning: “O Thou Glory of the All-Glorious!”. | Tiny Seed video | Whither Can A Lover Go Hidden Word of Baha’u’llah | O God, Guide me | Ponder & Reflect | Thief in the Night album | Spiritual Revolutionary video with lyrics | Hollow Reed | Trust in Thee video | Spiritual Revolutionary live | Unite the Hearts lyrics video | Make My Prayer from a prayer of Baha’u’llah | Oneness Introduction to the Baha’i Faith | Rompe Las Cadenas Break the Chains | Suffer Me a prayer by Baha’u’llah | Educate These Children video | Mona | BahaiBlog
The 7 Cities: Knowledge video | The Seven Cities Album Search, Love, Knowledge, Unity, Contentment, Wonderment, True Poverty and Absolute Nothingness | BahaiBlog
Ahdi: Toloue Bamdad/Rise of Dawn with English lyrics | Sulayman Khan | Messenger of Joy | When Sorrow Comes feat. Shadi and Shidan Toloui Wallace | Sedaye Azadi | Sogand Be Naamash | Doshmane Khak or Enemies of the Land (In Iran Baha’is are persecuted and often labeled “Enemies of the Land”. Ahdi asks listeners to decide if Baha’is who love their country and promote unity, peace and equality deserve this label.) | BahaiBlog Interview
MANIFOLD /Sidney Australia Take A Look | Stand Up | Dear Mounty
Bahai rap | Better Days Peyt Spencer
José María Fierro: Album/ Rooftops & Sidewalks Rap Songs: 8. Radiant Candles, 10. Stepping Up, 11. Dawn Breaks, 12. Warrior, 13. Forgiveness, 14. Y.C.M.T.W. 15. Family Matters, 18. Gunpowder | Dawn Breaks video (feat.Karim Rushdy) | Base Adjustment Strive
Emiliano “Diversoul” Morondos: Album:Baseline Flowers