Brilliant Stars Children’s Class

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The main purpose of Brilliant Stars is to nurture the spiritual development of children. Thus, students are intentionally given myriads of opportunities to practice virtues—those luminous qualities of the human soul such as courtesy, kindness, cooperation, patience, helpfulness, generosity, fairness and truthfulness. Classes meet twice a month for 3 hours each time.

The curriculum is designed to develop awareness of the power, beauty, and meaning of virtues in a way that is joyful, fun, challenging, beautiful, creative, and meaningful to young children. Though the class is inspired by the teachings of the Baha’i Faith, it is open to children of all Faiths or no faith tradition.

Other goals of the curriculum include:

  • Developing a tender relationship with our Creator
  • Creating a spiritual identity, i.e. learning that we all are precious souls
  • Understanding why we should try to develop and grow our inner beauty, our virtues
  • Understanding that if we want our world to be a happy and peaceful place, we should practice the golden rule and virtues in general
  • Learning habits for spiritual growth such as prayer and the memorizing of simple sacred scripture related to virtues

Children in Brilliant Stars will be taught virtues and spiritual concepts through a wide variety of mediums and techniques so that all types of learners can grasp their meaning and relevance to their lives. These include:

creative dramatics * simple art * discussion * stories * cooperative games * music *stimulation of the 5 senses * fellowship * beautiful materials * playfulness * humor

Brilliant Stars children’s classes provide a highly unique and intimate learning environment in a home. Class is limited to 10 students, ages 5-7. Small motor activities, stories, and discussions occur in an internationally decorated classroom designated for this purpose. A large living room and dining area overlooking a wooded acre of land provide ample room for cooperative games, drama, dance, and art activities. A substantial play room space full of dress ups and educational toys on open shelves is utilized for breaks and unstructured playtime. The acre of wooded land with a big open area and swing set is the ideal location for large motor cooperative games and free time fellowship.

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