The Refuge (ages 5- up)

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These classes strive to meet the developmental and vital spiritual needs of the child. They are designed to gently nurture the soul of the child into a conversation with the Creator and to explore spiritual concepts together in an atmosphere of beauty, reverence, respect for one another, and joy.

In the Refuge we:

    • Focus on our relationship with God
    • Listen to our inner voice
    • Develop a conversation with God through prayer and meditation
    • Recognize that God guides and protects us through His Word given to us through His Prophets
    • We think deeply about the Word of God
    • Explore spiritual concepts
    • Discover the awe and wonder of creation
    • Cultivate life-long tools: reflection; love for the Creator and His Messengers; service to others; and behaviors that promote unity
Ikebana (a Japanese art of flower arranging) is enjoyed by all. The children learn to be of service for Feasts and Holy Days by helping to create a beautiful environment.

beautiful meditations * sacred parables * stories * music * artistic expression * creative movement * science * nature observation

The Refuge class is a part of the Refuge Research Collaborative. For more detailed information about our class see: Refuge Class Approach & Discoveries For further information see our research website at Spiritual Education For Children

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