Reflections on the Life of the Spirit

Reflections on the Life of the Spirit is designed to help the individual to take charge of their spiritual growth process.

Understanding the Word of God – To read the Sacred Word is to drink from the ocean of Divine Revelation. It leads to true spiritual understanding and generates forces that are necessary for the progress of the soul. In order to reach true understanding, however, one must think deeply about the meaning of each statement and its applications in one’s own life and in the life of society.

Prayer – Understanding the concept of prayer and its great importance as one of the laws of this Dispensation. It is no less essential than that of nourishing our bodies every day. Beyond observing the law of prayer, each person must feel a profound desire to pray and understand the attitudes with which prayer should be approached.

Life and Death – To understand that life is not the changes and chances of this world, and its true significance is found in the development of the soul. True life, the life of the soul, occurs in this world for a brief time and continues eternally in other worlds of God.