Additional Benefits of the Junior Youth Empowerment Program

  • The understanding that no matter what my life circumstances are I am capable of taking charge of my own spiritual and intellectual growth to move myself forward
  • An increased ability to articulate ideas with precision and clarity
  • An understanding that service is not only for the benefit of others but for the nurturing of my own happiness, connectedness, and positive mental health
  • Through acts of service I can discover my talents and interest which will help guide me to later choose an occupation that not only supports my material needs but is also spiritually uplifting
  • The understanding that social justice begins within the heart of each of us and the necessity of making  changes in my own behaviors towards others is a crucial step in moving this issue forward in society
  • The need to search for truth for myself and not accept things blindly or from hearsay
  • Begin to understand the dynamics of group consultation and how useful it can be for making decisions in my life
  • Faith that when I put forward sincere efforts to improve myself and to be of service to others spiritual forces are there to assist me
  • Confidence that I can make a difference in my community and in the world