The Refuge (ages 7 – 9)

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These classes strive to meet the developmental and vital spiritual needs of the child. They are designed to gently nurture the soul of the child into a conversation with the Creator and to explore spiritual concepts together in an atmosphere of beauty, reverence, respect for one another, and joy.

In the Refuge we:

  • Focus on our relationship with God
  • Listen to our inner voice
  • Develop a conversation with God through prayer and meditation
  • Recognize that God guides and protects us through His Word given to us through His Prophets
  • We think deeply about the Word of God
  • Explore spiritual concepts
  • Discover the awe and wonder of creation
  • Cultivate life-long spiritual tools: reflection; love for the Creator and His Messengers; service to others; and, behaviors that promote unity

beautiful meditations * sacred parables * stories * music * artistic expression * creative movement * science * nature observation

The Refuge class is a part of the Refuge Research Collaborative. For more detailed information about our class and what we have learned see: Refuge Class Research For further information see our research website at Spiritual Education For Children

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